Brian O’Conner

6pm-9pm Weekdays


I’m originally from Columbus, Georgia. I moved to Tallahassee in 98’ and started working part time in radio for Live 105. I love to travel, hit the clubs, and eat good food. Is there anything better than pizza and pasta? I’m a big fan of college football! I love the Noles, but I grew up in Georgia so all my friends know that I’m a rabid Georgia Bulldog fan! When baseball season comes around, I pull for the braves. I couldn’t live without my family, friends, and music. I listen to a lot of different styles of music; the only one I can’t stand is country. My favorite time of year is October through December (you can’t beat the holiday season).  Catching movies with friends is always fun. My favorite TV shows at the moment are The Walking Dead and American Horror Story. Tivo helps me tremendously. I like to stay active. As far as what I do to stay active, that’s a little too personal.  ;)


  • Hot Shots


    • FSU Tailgate at the Tuck/Home Depot

    • The New Hot Truck

    • FSU Seminole Send Off