Alycia |  10a-3p

A little about me…

My name is Alycia and I love talking about music. All kinds of music. I listen to country, pop, rock, I’m always looking for new artists. I got my start as a DJ at my college radio station my freshman year and have been at it ever since. My college station played every genre of music, so I became decently well-versed in all genres of music.

I’m also a pretty big sports fan, mainly baseball. Plus, I love reality shows, like Dancing with The Stars and American Idol, HGTV, and I’m a game show junkie! Price is Right, $100,000 Pyramid, you name it, I’ll watch it. My current favorite is reruns of Supermarket Sweep, the best game show ever! I’m kind of a homebody, but I love being able to interact over the airwaves.