Leon County Humane Society |Puppies!

Gizmo, 8 months, neutered male.  Incredibly friendly.  Very playful and energetic.

Bingo, 5 months, neutered male.  Energetic and happy.  Gives hugs for days.  (If you go to or FB page you’ll see a video of him hugging another volunteer.)  Exercise and loving time are a must for him.

Two Bit

5 months neutered male.  A little ball of energy.  Hungry for attention and play.


2-3 years, spayed female.  Shady has had several litters of puppies.  She’s drawn to puppies and she even lights up with squeaky toys and carries them around very gently as if they are her pups.  Shady was one of the most shy with people when she arrived, but she is transitioning beautiful.  She now greets friendly faces at her kennel door with a happy tail wag and she loves to spend time just sitting with you and being loved on.

If a listener is interested in becoming a foster parent for LCHS, they can visit our website www.leoncountyhumane.org.